The Future Is Here

California’s first active learning facility – wired for 21st century education


This state-of-the-art structure will help students succeed by providing high tech, collaborative spaces that encourage them to learn actively.
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Level 1 Lounge of the ALP
  • 400 seat lecture hall
  • 3 smaller classrooms
  • 2 large classrooms
  • Lobby, lounge and study space
Level 2 Corridor and Staircase of the ALP
  • 250 seat lecture hall
  • 1 small classroom
  • 4 large classrooms
  • 1 computer lab
  • 4 meeting rooms
Level 2 Corridor and Staircase of the ALP
  • 2 computer labs
  • 6 LARC tutorial rooms
  • OIT and LARC offices


Teaching Excellence and Innovation

Something new is clicking on campus at UCI, flipping traditional teaching on its head. Many professors no longer lecture from the podium, they engage students in research-backed active learning that not only improves grades, but fosters teamwork and other lifelong skills.

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