Classroom Comparison


Mobile Tablet-Arm Chairs

The small classrooms use tablet-arm chairs on casters, which enable them to be moved easily during class. This is ideal for transitioning between small group discussion and full group discussion or lecture.

Stationary Tables and Chairs

The larger classrooms make use of more stationary tables and chairs. Although many of the tables have casters, moving them would require that they be detached from power and A/V systems.

Fixed Lecture Hall Seating

The lecture halls will have two rows of seating and tables per tier. Although the seats are fixed to the floor, the first row in each tier features rotating seats, enabling student to more easily form into small groups.

Group Displays

With the exception of ALP 2100, all of the large classrooms feature a shared display and laptop for each group of 6 students. For groups in the center of the room, these are built into the table and include a motorized mount to raise and lower the display.

Wireless Projection

Every classroom features wireless projection, which allows instructors and students to wirelessly display content on the projectors and displays from their laptops or mobile devices. Student connections can be moderated by the instructor as needed.

Additional Whiteboards

Whiteboard space has been maximized in every classroom, with additional whiteboards on just about every wall. For rooms equipped with group displays, these are interspersed with the screen for each group.

Comparison Table

Room NumberRoom TypeSeatsFurniture TypeGroup DisplaysPriority Scheduling
ALP 1100Classroom30Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoYes (Beginning W19)
ALP 1110Classroom30Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoYes (Beginning W19)
ALP 1120Classroom30Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoYes (Beginning W19)
ALP 1300Lecture Hall400Fixed SeatingNoYes
ALP 1600Classroom102Stationary Tables and ChairsYesYes
ALP 1700Classroom84Stationary Tables and ChairsYesYes
ALP 2100Classroom60Stationary Tables and ChairsNoYes
ALP 2200Classroom60Stationary Tables and ChairsYesYes
ALP 2300Lecture Hall250Fixed SeatingNoYes
ALP 2500Classroom60Stationary Tables and ChairsYesYes
ALP 2600Classroom60Stationary Tables and ChairsYesYes
ALP 2700Classroom30Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoYes (Beginning W19)
ALP 2800Computer Lab20Stationary Tables and ChairsNoNo
ALP 3600Computer Lab50Stationary Tables and ChairsNoNo
ALP 3610Computer Lab50Stationary Tables and ChairsNoNo

Other Active Learning Classrooms

Room NumberRoom TypeSeatsFurniture TypeGroup DisplaysPriority Scheduling
AIRB 1030Classroom32Mobile Tables and ChairsNoYes
PSCB 140Classroom80Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoYes
SE 101Classroom56Stationary Tables and Chairs;
Mobile Tablet-Arm Chairs
SST 220AClassroom60Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoNo
SST 220BClassroom60Mobile Tablet-Arm ChairsNoNo